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"I have worked in the sound industry for over 20 years in one form or another. From monitor and front of house engineering, field and studio recording, system installation and specification,through to composing and sound design.

Whether as a sound engineer or as sound designer, I endeavor to enhance and support the production using all my skills and experience."


Martin Hodgson

'The fantastic sound effects by sound designer Martin Hodgson bring the unseen and deafening noises of working men and ponies below ground very much to the core and fore of the piece.'

'The Pitmen Painters'

'Under the direction of Max Roberts, on a nearly bare stage with a terrific clanging sound design by Martin Hodgson to evoke the miners' work'

Broadway Street Review.

'Martin Hodgson's sound transports us into the bowels of the working mine to exhibitions, from railways stations to the drawing rooms of the gentry.'


'Sound designer Martin Hodgson gives the production a real visceral feeling'

Associated Press, NYC

'The sound design was very impressively accomplished by Martin Hodgson , it is quite rare to hear such excellent sound on a play.'


A real highlight of this production, which massively added to the drama of the entire work, was the music – get ready to jump thanks to well-placed, loud chords that accompany plot developments.

'Dead Simple'

'Martin Hodgson, the sound designer, wow, just wow, some clever sounds used throughout definitely heightened the tension within the room.'

'Dead Simple'